How to choose Calming Paste for Horses?

There are many reasons why a horse may get anxious or nervous, including separation, exhaustion, neglect, and so on. If you think that you have been providing the essentials for your horse, yet it still display actions that indicate tension or uneasiness, you might need to provide the best calming paste for horses. And for this purpose, you may want to read on for some helpful information that may help you pick the best option.

Calming Paste for Horses

Calmers for High-strung Horses

Horses in their natural habitat are prey animals and have that flight instinct. They are born to be quite sensitive to everything around them, especially those that pose a great danger to them. Many have been tamed and have adjusted well to their new environments. But it won’t be for all times. There will still come a time that their sense of getting away from perceived danger will cause them to fret and run away. And one way to help them relax are equine products known as calmers.

There are also those horses that are naturally more high-strung than others. They have a tendency to act nervous in situations that might not even move a more laid-back horse. And if you have a horse that displays nervousness or tension for no reason at all, you may also consider giving that horse this type of supplement.

You’ll find a wide variety of these supplements in the market today. They usually contain a variety of ingredients that are said to help a horse to be less reactive, calm down and be able to focus. These calming supplements are available in the following forms: powder, pellets, granular, paste, liquid, and even as wafers. They can be given to the horse directly or during a mealtime.

But not all of these calming supplements are made to be the same. When looking the most appropriate solution that can help ease out your horse, you will need to consult a horse expert of a veterinarian for an appropriate evaluation and the proper approach or medication.

Benefits of Calming Paste

A calming paste for horses is the usual solution opted by horse owners who are dealing with horses that gets usually tensed. They are the better alternatives for synthetic drugs.

When an appropriate calming paste is provided or administered to a horse, it will not change its overall demeanor, nor will it help address the effects of an inappropriate diet, but it can help your horse to relax. So, if you are dealing with a horse that are easily tensed or anxious, a calming paste would be a great way to help the horse relax a bit.

There are calming pastes that are also formulated to help reduce gastrointestinal problems that horses usually deal with when they are experiencing a high level of stress. As a result, the horse will not only feel relaxed physically but mentally as well.

Is it safe to use a calming paste?

As mentioned earlier, not all of these calming pastes contain the same ingredients. Hence, the effect will likewise differ from one horse to another. But when a calming paste that only uses high-quality ingredients is used as directed, then you can be assured that it will be safe to use.

You can always consult your vet for concerns related to your horse’s health and the proper use of calming paste that will be most suited for your trusted steed.

Best Calming Paste for Horses

Though there has not been a great number of studies conducted on the benefits on the use of calming paste on horses, the results of those that were conducted indicated that these supplements can actually affect the temperament of a horse.

The best calming paste for horses are those that contain only the highest form of ingredients. They should be provided to the horse as directed. But should there be any concerns regarding the effects, or possible side effects, of the calming paste that you have decided to go with, it won’t hurt to check with a local veterinarian for feedback.

It is also highly recommended that the right diet as well as proper maintenance be made to ensure that the horse will maintain its optimum health.