Choosing the Feeder for Hummingbirds

Birds, like hummingbirds, can liven up any space. Whether they are just perched quietly on a branch of a tree or hovering over every flower that they’d drink honey from, and when they are lively chirping their hearts out. These remarkable creatures, though looking frail and rather small, have their own way of amusing anyone. They won’t remain lively all the time if they are sickly and won’t find their sources of feed that their bodies need at the right time. The law prohibits owning a native North American Hummingbird. But as they migrate to the south every year, and also chooses the same spot as their feeding ground, you can still provide food for them any time you want. If choosing the best feeder for hummingbirds is one of your concerns to properly provide the feed that they need, this post can just provide the information that you need.

Feeder for Hummingbirds

Hummingbirds Crave Sweets

For those who have blood health concerns, too much salt or sugar is not advisable. But for hummingbirds? Never. Give hummingbirds some sweet feeds and they will adore you. This is due to the fact that these interesting birds feed on nectar. They hover from flower to flower to find the kind of sweet that they love to eat. And if you love watching these birds, you can make them stay a longer in your own garden by just hanging the right best rated hummingbird feeder and provide the right feed for them.

If there are hummers that frequent your place, you will notice that they zoom and zip constantly from one spot to another. Such an activity gives them quick metabolism. Because of that, they will need replacements to the used up energy. They need a lot of protein, but they also need nectar that will fuel them up as they find their source of protein, such as small spiders and gnats.

If you plan to welcome more hummingbirds in your place, you have to constantly supply them with the sugar that they need to survive each day. It will be done with one of the best feeders that you can hang where these remarkable creatures can enjoy some homemade nectar.

Choosing the Best Feeders for Hummingbirds

It is necessary that you find an appropriate feeder for hummingbirds. Select your hummingbird feeder carefully. Make sure the feeder you choose:

Unlike regular bird feeders, those that are used for hummingbirds are designed in such a way that the birds can access feed while still in flight. This is the reason why most of these feeders do not have a “perch.” But there are some designs that come with a perch as having one will allow the bird to rest while having its drink, thus reducing the amount of energy that the hummingbird needs while sipping the liquid from the feeder.

Opt for a feeder that is sturdy enough to survive a drop onto the ground. It should also be one with parts that can easily be replaced and can be taken apart for easier cleaning.

One interesting thing about hummingbird feeders is the fact that they are usually designed with some red color as bright colors attract the hummingbird to the feeder. There won’t be flowers inside the cage and one way to direct its attention to the feeder is with a bright color. Others tie a red ribbon on the feeder instead.

Maintaining Hummingbird Feeders

Hummingbird feeders are usually filled with sugar water. This can easily be made using one part of refined sugar and four parts of water. And to make sure that they remain safe to be given to your hummingbird, it should be well-maintained. It has to be cleaned regularly and have the liquid sterilized after a couple of days to make sure that there are no bacteria already breeding in it that can cause your bird to get sick. You can also use a mild bleach solution to clean the feeder. Just make sure that you have it thoroughly rinsed before filling it again. The mixture also needs to be replaced at least once a week, and more frequently during warmer days.

Choosing the best feeder for hummingbirds won’t be a problem if you understand quite well how the birds are going to access their feed from them. Keep this simple guide in mind and allow the hummingbirds that you have welcomed to your home enjoy all the sugar that they need to keep themselves invigorated throughout the day.